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When using dry ice in any industry it is necessary to complete risk assessments.
Contact Polarice.co.uk for details of our dry ice safety training courses. Telephone: +44 (0)2843 758 045.

Dry Ice Safety Training Courses

Choice Training conduct dry ice safety training and product workshops at a location and time to suit you. Workshop participants receive a comprehensive workbook and an attendance certificate, and formal testing can also be included if required.

The dry ice safety training workshop covers the following:

  1. Risk Assessments
  2. Properties of dry ice
  3. Hazard identification and control
  4. Storage of dry ice
  5. Calculating oxygen level in a room after spillage of dry ice
  6. Handling of dry ice
  7. Using dry ice
  8. Disposal of product and packaging
  9. Transportation and dispatch of dry ice
  10. Despatch by air of biological materials – General information
  11. Despatch by air of products using dry ice as a refrigerant
  12. Guidance on road and air packing lists
  13. General precautions
  14. First Aid
  15. Q&A sessions

Contact us today for details of prices and availability.

Risk Assessments

Once your employees complete the product and safety training workshop, they will be able to undertake all risk assessments for the safe use of dry ice in the workplace.

If you would like assistance in complying with the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 regulations, then contact us with your queries. All correspondence is completely confidential.

Assistance with risk assessments often requires a site visit. A full report is then issued, typically within one week of the site visit. This report can be illustrated if digital photography is permitted.

Training Assessments

Regular reviews are an important part of risk assessment. They are an opportunity to look at any changes that may have occurred, such as:

  • Staff – number, age, experience, responsibilities.
  • Equipment – new machines.
  • Methods – revised processes.
  • Building structure – new facilities.

Note all changes since the last review and check what additional information, instruction and training that you should provide.

A training needs assessment is a cost effective way to begin targeting the high risk areas. A “fresh pair of eyes” to look over your safety provisions can help to spot areas for improvement.


While dry ice is an extremely versatile product with many uses, it is difficult to manufacture economically, difficult to store effectively, and can be hazardous to handle. We have experience in the manufacturing, storage, transport, and handling of dry ice. If you currently use Dry Ice then talk to us about product efficiency and product safety as these two often go hand in hand.

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